Park Na-rae Says She Got Jokes Like, "How Much Do You Pay Him?" for Dating Attractive Men

By  Cho Yunjung  | Jan 31, 2024

Park Na-rae Says She Got Jokes Like, "How Much Do You Pay Him?" for Dating Attractive Men
Comedian Park Na-rae shared that her acquaintances' reactions to her dating good-looking guys made her feel unpleasant.

On January 30, dancer Nam Hyun-joon, also known as Poppin' Hyun-joon, and his wife, Park Aeri, a gukak (Korean traditional music) musician, appeared on Channel A's television show 'Dr. Oh's Golden Clinic'.

In the show, Nam Hyun-joon expressed that people often tell him how lucky he is in his marriage and said, "They tell me I'm living a wealthy life because I married Park Aeri. It's ridiculous."

"After we got married, there was a constant anticipation for any negative updates, like our divorce announcement or any personal mishap on my part. Now that they see us happy and wealthy, they talk about how lucky I am to enhance my life by marrying someone better than me.", he added.
Park Na-rae"Some people assume I'm enduring him in our marriage simply by looking at a certain side. I'm worried that these comments might hurt my husband.", Park Aeri expressed.

She added, "We've been married for 13 years, and now we're in our 14th year together. Even after all this time, we still have to deal with too many rude comments about our marriage. It's hurtful every time."
Park Na-raeThen, one of the show's cast members, Park Na-rae, said she had a relatable experience.

"Whenever I date a good-looking guy, my acquaintances always ask him, 'Why are you dating her?', in a kind of joking way. Every man I've dated has been asked, 'What do you see in Na-rae?'."

Another cast member, Jung Hyung Don, asked, "'How much does Na-rae pay you a month?', like this?"; Park Na-rae replied that she had heard that joke too many times before.

"Some even told my then-boyfriend, 'You should know, Na-rae isn't as loaded as you might think.'. I used to take it as a joke and go along with it. But hearing it over and over again, it didn't feel like a joke anymore."

"I know what it's like.", Jung Hyung Don said, "When I got married, a lot of people told me that I'm lucky to marry my wife, that she's better than me."
Park Na-rae(Credit= Channel A Dr. Oh's Golden Clinic, JDB Entertainment)

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