BAMBAM Details the Time When MARK Threw a MacBook in the Air During a Fight

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 13, 2024

BAMBAM Details the Time When MARK Threw a MacBook in the Air During a Fight
BAMBAM of K-pop boy group GOT7 talked about the moment when the group's member MARK threw a MacBook in the air during their conflict. 

On February 9, BAMBAM released a new episode of his YouTube show 'Bam House' featuring MARK. 

During their conversation, BAMBAM and MARK recalled their time as trainees at JYP Entertainment, as well as their early debut memories. 

That was when BAMBAM brought up about MARK throwing a MacBook into the air in anger, "We used to fight a lot, and there were moments in the past during our arguments when I thought, 'Wow, he really is wealthy, isn't he?'"

Then, BAMBAM recounted one particular incident, "You know how MacBooks weren't as common like 10 years ago, right? He once threw his MacBook while we fought. I got so angry then, but now that I think about it, it's like, 'He threw a MacBook? How rich does one have to be able to threw their MacBook like that?'" 
GOT7MARK shyly chuckled and BAMBAM shared what exactly happened at the time, "I couldn't speak good English at the time. I was in a room, just woken up from my sleep, and I heard MARK and Peniel of BTOB speaking English to each other outside the room. I heard them going, 'BAMBAM, blah blah.'" 

He resumed, "Because my English wasn't good, I just assumed that they were talking behind my back. So, as soon as MARK entered my room, I furiously said something to him. I don't remember what exactly. Due to the things I said to him though, MARK fumed and said, 'I didn't say a thing about you!' Then, he threw his MacBook near me." 

MARK then added a few details that BAMBAM failed to remember, "Okay, so basically, Peniel and I were going to grab something to eat, so we were simply discussing that. After our discussion, I went up to BAMBAM and said, 'Let's go eat, BAMBAM.' But BAMBAM was like, 'Stop talking sxxt about me! I heard everything!'" 
GOT7Laughing, BAMBAM commented, "Oh, yeah! Yeah, that's how it went! How do you remember everything so perfectly?" then stated, "I remember now. You said to me, 'What did I say?' and you started getting angry because I kept saying I heard everything and stuff." 

Afterward, BAMBAM shared why he misheard them, "MARK and Peniel were the same age, so they hung out a lot. I joined them often, but I sometimes would kind of feel as if I was a third wheeler. So, I thought they were saying things like, 'Isn't BAMBAM annoying?'" 

BAMBAM and MARK continued to reminisce about enjoyable memories from the past after that. 

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