Park Seo Jun Shows His Support for Choi Woo Shik & Park Hyung Sik's New Projects

By  Cho Yunjung  | Feb 13, 2024

Park Seo Jun Shows His Support for Choi Woo Shik & Park Hyung Sik's New Projects
Actor Park Seo Jun showed his support for his friends, Choi Woo Shik and Park Hyung Sik, who are also actors.

On February 13, Park Seo Jun shared a photo on his Instagram story to show his support for Choi Woo Shik's recently released project, Netflix's series 'A Killer Paradox'.

In the series, Choi Woo Shik plays a character named 'Lee Tang' who is chased by a determined detective after accidentally killing a serial killer.

The photo Park Seo Jun posted appeared to be a snapshot of his phone screen, which revealed that the actor had finished watching all eight episodes of 'A Killer Paradox'.

He shared this photo with the caption, "Just finished watching the whole series. Great as expected. Bravo, Choi Woo Shik!"
Park Seo Jun & Choi Woo Shik & Park Hyung SikPark Seo Jun then posted another photo on his Instagram story, showing his support for Park Hyung Sik this time.

Park Hyung Sik's latest project, JTBC's romantic-comedy drama 'Doctor Slump' which premiered in January, is about two doctors who attended the same high school.

Park Hyung Sik plays 'Yeo Jeong-woo' who used to be rivals with 'Nam Ha-neul' (actress Park Shin Hye) in high school; after 14 years, they meet again unexpectedly during the most challenging times of their lives.

Park Seo Jun posted a photo of Park Hyung Sik from the drama, playfully captioning, "Now I'm spending time with 'Yeo Jeong-woo'.", which meant he started watching Park Hyung Sik's drama after finishing Choi Woo Shik's work, showing his friendship for both of them.
Park Seo Jun & Choi Woo Shik & Park Hyung SikFriendships between Park Seo Jun, Choi Woo Shik, and Park Hyung Sik have been widely known in the entertainment industry for many years.

The actors are in a five-membered friend group known as 'Wooga Family' in the entertainment industry, which includes V of K-pop boy group BTS and Peakboy, a singer.

In 2022, all five of them appeared on JTBC's reality series 'In the Soop: Friendcation', where they went on a memorable vacation together.
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