"I Love 'Standing Next to You'" Lee Jung Jae Shares that JUNGKOOK's Music Gives Him Strength

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 13, 2024

"I Love 'Standing Next to You'" Lee Jung Jae Shares that JUNGKOOK's Music Gives Him Strength
Actor Lee Jung Jae revealed that JUNGKOOK of K-pop boy group BTS' music gives him strength during tough times. 

On February 9, Lee Jung Jae's management agency Artist Company updated their YouTube channel with a special video. 

The video showed actors at Artist Company sharing words to celebrate the Lunar New Year, as well as a song that they like to listen to when they are going through difficulties. 

The video started off with Jung Woo Sung saying, "Everyone, 2024 is here! I don't know where you'll be spending the Lunar New Year, but I hope you have a warm one wherever you are." 

He added, "When times are hard, there's one song that I always listen to, and it's 'Don't Worry' by Jeon In-kwon. I highly recommend this song to all of you. Life will always make you filled with different thoughts, some being negative, but don't worry too much. Stay positive. Let's push through 2024 well together!" 
Artist CompanyArtist CompanyVarious actors later, Lee Jung Jae appeared with some facial hair, looking somewhat tired yet content. 

When asked what song uplifts him during challenging moments, Lee Jung Jae answered, "Oh, this is a song that was released a few months ago, but..." 

With a bright smile, he excitedly continued, "I love listening to 'Standing Next to You' by JUNGKOOK." 

Then, the actor shared, "Hope you have a Happy New Year, and there will actually be two projects of mine that will be released this year, including 'Squid Game 2' and 'The Acolyte'." 

He went on, "I've been really busy last year, filming those two projects, so... Yeah, I'm very excited about having more opportunities to meet you in person in 2024. We can discuss a lot of things together when we meet; super looking forward to it. My projects won't take too long to come out, so do bear with me. Thank you!" 

(Credit= 'Artist Company' YouTube, 'bangtan.official' Facebook) 

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