Lee Dong Wook Reveals Why He Kept Filming Despite Serious Injury in His Early Debut Days

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 13, 2024

Lee Dong Wook Reveals Why He Kept Filming Despite Serious Injury in His Early Debut Days
Actor Lee Dong Wook revealed a heartbreaking reason why he continued filming despite being serious injured in his early career. 

On February 9, Lee Dong Wook joined entertainer Yu Jae Seok's YouTube show 'Pinggyego'. 

While speaking with Yu Jae Seok and special host Cho Sae-ho, Lee Dong Wook reminisced about his early debut days. 

Lee Dong Wook said, "I made debut with MBC's one-act play 'Bestseller Theater' in 1999. I played the role of a devious high school student. I still remember filming my scenes very vividly." 
Lee Dong WookThen, the actor proceeded to share a specific incident from his time filming 'Bestseller Theater'; he started off by saying, "I was supposed to ride a motorcycle in one scene, but I actually couldn't ride one. I fell and injured myself while practicing for that scene the day before actual shooting." 

He continued, "There was a way for me to avoid hurting myself though. It was to throw the motorcyle as far away as I could, and jump off from it. I couldn't go for that option, however, because I was scared that I would break the motorcycle that way. That meant that I would have to cover the cost for the motorcycle, so I just couldn't." 

He resumed, "So, I fell to the ground while I was on the motorcycle instead, and horribly damaged my knees. I went to the hospital afterward, but still, my socks were soaking with blood when I got home on that day," surprising Yu Jae Seok and Cho Sae-ho.
Lee Dong WookFurthermore, Lee Dong Wook stated, "But the next day was my first day of the shoot. When I got to the site, I was asked to run. I had to depict a moment of my character running as fast as he could, being late for school. I didn't tell the production crew about the condition of my knees, as I was afraid that they might completely remove me from the project if they found out how injured I was." 

He added, "So yeah, I couldn't say a word about my injury. I couldn't risk losing my part in the project, you know. I ended up bleeding a lot again. Nobody on site knew about my injury because it was all bleeding inside my pants. I can laugh about it now, but I went through such a hard time then." 

When he finished his story, Yu Jae Seok asked if he had scars from that time, Lee Dong Wook rolled up his pants and showed the two hosts the scars.

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