"You're Getting Married?" Ha Jiwon Surprises Shin Dong Yeob by Asking Him to Host Her Wedding

By  Cho Yunjung  | Feb 13, 2024

"You're Getting Married?" Ha Jiwon Surprises Shin Dong Yeob by Asking Him to Host Her Wedding
Actress Ha Jiwon, 45, has requested comedian Shin Dong Yeob to host her wedding in the future.

Ha Jiwon guested on the February 12 episode of Shin Dong Yeob's YouTube show with former sabre fencing Olympic team champion Kim Junho and ZUHO of K-pop boy group SF9.

The actress, who became the first guest to return to the show by appearing in this episode, said that things changed after she first appeared on the show.

"I'm so thankful for this show. For the last two decades, people have only known me as Ha Jiwon, the actress. But since my last appearance on this show, many have told me that they've become my fans after watching the episode. Being on this show has helped me see myself in a new way.", Ha Jiwon said.

"Before I appeared on this show, people didn't usually approach me when they recognized me. But these days, people ask me to take a photo with them if I go to the powder room after playing golf. I think people started feeling closer to me thanks to this show.", she remarked.
Ha Jiwon & Shin Dong YeobAt the end of the video,  Shin Dong Yeob, another host Jeong Ho Chul, and the guests gathered for a drink after wrapping up the show.

"Jiwon, you're impressive. You debuted when you were young, saved a lot of money through all these years, and bam! You started your own company to lose all the money you've made!", Shin Dong Yeob playfully teased Ha Jiwon, bringing up the management company the actress started, Haewadal Entertainment.

Ha Jiwon, who was quite drunk, suggested to Shin Dong Yeob, "You should totally buy my company.", making everyone laugh loudly.
Ha Jiwon & Shin Dong YeobThen, the actress asked Shin Dong Yeob, "If I ever get married, you have to not only host the wedding but also officiate the ceremony."

Shin Dong Yeob promised to host Ha Jiwon's wedding, even though he was surprised by her unexpected request.

When ZUHO exclaimed, "You're getting married?", Ha Jiwon clarified, "No, nothing's going on now! I asked Shin Dong Yeob that just in case."

But then, she added, "Not that I have anyone to get married to, but... I want ZUHO to sing at my wedding, Shin Dong Yeob to host it, and you, Jeong Ho Chul, have to officiate it."; as she playfully said, everyone burst into laughter once more.
Ha Jiwon & Shin Dong Yeob

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