Choa Reveals the Real Reasons for Her Abrupt Departure from AOA

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 23, 2024

Choa Reveals the Real Reasons for Her Abrupt Departure from AOA
Choa, formerly of K-pop girl group AOA, spoke in detail about her sudden departure from AOA in 2017.  

On February 22, singer Lee Ji Hye updated her YouTube channel with a new video. 

In this video, the five members of E Channel X Channel S' television show 'Diva Sisters'―Choa, Lee Ji Hye, Ivy, Chae Rina and NARSHA―gathered together for some drinks for Lee Ji Hye's birthday. 
ChoaWhile sharing their good and bad times in the entertainment industry, Ivy said to Choa, "You left your group for your own good, didn't you? It was for you to be happy, right?" 

To her question, Choa answered, "Actually, when I left my group, I still wanted to be part of this industry." 

Chae Rina commented, "But at that time, it almost seemed like you were done with this industry. The public probably felt the same way."

Choa replied, "I monitor myself as well as other artists a lot. Back then, I used to monitor performances by different sunbaes and thought to myself, 'I would never be as good as them. What I have will never match up with theirs.' I constantly compared myself to sunbaes." 

She continued, "So, one day, I was just like, 'If I can't be the best even if I try hard, there's no point in staying in this business. I should just leave and enjoy my 20s.' That's why I left AOA."
ChoaUpon hearing this, Ivy remarked, "Your standards for yourself seem too high," to which Choa responded with a shy laugh. 

Then, Chae Rina gave Choa a sincere advice, "There may be truly talented people in our industry, but me, Ji Hye and even Ivy, who has been doing musicals for 19 years, still book a studio to practice."

After revealing that she was suffering from depression, Choa left AOA in June 2017. 

Then, in September 2020, Choa opened her YouTube channel, and also returned to the industry. 

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