"We Did Our Best to Keep It a Secret but...." Ryu Da-in Comments on Romance with Lee Chaemin

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 28, 2024

"We Did Our Best to Keep It a Secret but...." Ryu Da-in Comments on Romance with Lee Chaemin
Actress Ryu Da-in shared her thoughts on announcing her relationship with actor Lee Chaemin. 

On March 28, Ryu Da-in spoke to reporters during an interview session.

Since Ryu Da-in had just confirmed her relationship with Lee Chaemin, she faced numerous questions regarding it. 

When the reporters brought the topic up, Ryu Da-in blushed slightly, appearing shy to address it. 

However, with a cheerful smile, she remarked, "I feel appreciative of the overwhelming support we've received for our relationship. We'll ensure that our relationship blossoms beautifully."

When asked if she felt pressured about going public with her relationship when it has not been long since she made her debut, she gave a response, sounding all confident. 

"Not really. Having any additional labels doesn't make me feel pressured at all. I believe the key is to excel in my work. As long as I perform well in my role, I'm good to go." 

Then, Ryu Da-in mentioned that after announcing their relationship to the public, she and Lee Chaemin had a discussion, agreeing to maintain their relationship in good standing.
Ryu Da-inAs the two stars were spotted affectionately strolling arm in arm on the streets, reporters raised that topic afterward. 

Ryu Da-in chuckled and remarked, "I mean, I'm pretty free-spirited and not one to hide things. But believe it or not, we genuinely tried to keep our relationship low-key. We never intended to be so overt. When the video of us went viral, I was surprised by the level of interest it garnered."

Afterward, the reporters questioned, "How did the rest of the cast of 'Crash Course in Romance' respond upon discovering your relationship?"

Ryu Da-in replied, "They only recently found out about it as well. They were all surprised. They were like, 'What?!'" 
Ryu Da-inRyu Da-in and Lee Chaemin starred in tvN's 2023 drama "Crash Course in Romance," where they became acquainted.

Just last week, a fan-captured video of the couple on a date near Gyeongbokgung, Seoul, went viral online, ultimately prompting them to confirm their relationship.

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