FTISLAND Minhwan Shares How He Plans to Get Through His Post-Divorce Life

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 1, 2024

FTISLAND Minhwan Shares How He Plans to Get Through His Post-Divorce Life
Minhwan of K-pop boy band FTISLAND shared his plans for coping with life after his divorce with Yulhee, formerly of girl group LABOUM. 

On March 30, KBS' popular television show "The Return of Superman" announced Minhwan and his children joining the cast.

During the interview with the production crew, Minhwan was asked if he could introduce himself to the viewers. 

With a shy smile, Minhwan said, "Hi, everyone. I'm Minhwan. I'm the father of three children―Jae-yul, Ah-yoon and Ah-rin."  
MinhwanAbout his first child Jae-yul, Minhwan commented, "Many may know him as 'Jjang-yi,' which was his nickname. He's received a lot of love since he was a newborn. He's already at the age to enter elementary school next year now. He's one energetic child."

Regarding his twin daughters, Minhwan stated, "If any of my children were to pursue a career in entertainment, I believe it would be Ah-yoon. She seems to naturally exude the charisma of a celebrity." 

He continued, "The youngest Ah-rin only shows love to me. She truly loves me. She's a daddy's girl," then grinned. 
MinhwanMinhwanFollowing that, Minhwan carefully explained his reasons for joining "The Return of Superman." 

Minhwan explained, "I'm hoping to build a bit more confidence for both my children and myself. And be okay about this whole thing, you know... I thought that by overcoming challenges together with my children, we'll be able to receive the necessary encouragement and love from everybody."  
MinhwanLast December, it was announced that Minhwan and Yulhee had decided to end their 5-year marriage, and they agreed that Minhwan would have custody of their children.

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