"For 4 Min Appearance, We..." Yook Sungjae Tells How Demanding Music Show Schedules Are

By  Cho Yunjung  | Apr 1, 2024

"For 4 Min Appearance, We..." Yook Sungjae Tells How Demanding Music Show Schedules Are
Yook Sungjae talked about how busy his schedule has been as an actor and K-pop boy group BTOB member.

Yook Sungjae and comedian Yang Se-hyung guested on the March 31 episode of singer Jung Jae-hyung's YouTube show.

"To make a three to four-minute appearance on a music show, we had to leave the house ten hours in advance and start preparing.", Yook Sungjae shared during the show.

"It goes like this. We rehearse for a music show in between times, and then we go to do other schedules such as fan sign events or mini fan meet-ups. After we perform at the music show, we go to different places to perform at other shows. The following day is a continuation of this. We leave the house ten hours earlier before another music show appearance."
Yook Sungjae"But no matter how tiring it may be, I am a K-pop star when participating in those schedules. Fans are waiting outside when I show up for a music show. Yes, I'm exhausted, but so what? Some fans arrive there even earlier than I, waiting to see me. I think I shouldn't complain about how hard my life is while having this profession.", said Yook Sungjae.

He continued, "The fact that there are still fans who come to support me is what got me through all those years. It's been twelve years since we debuted, and some fans who started rooting for us in their elementary school days are now adults. Some even have become parents, taking their babies to see us. I'm incredibly thankful."

"The energy they give me is what keeps me going. I do the work because I want to show my best for the fans, no matter how hard it is.", Yook Sungjae remarked, emphasizing, "That's my job and what drives me."
Yook SungjaeDuring the show, Jung Jae-hyung asked Yook Sungjae, now focusing more on his acting career, if he started acting because he wanted to.

"To be honest, I wasn't interested in pursuing an acting career at first. I took my first project because I thought that was a great opportunity.", Yook Sungjae said, recalling the time he auditioned for KBS' drama 'Who Are You: School 2015'.

"Back then, many assumed I was cast in the drama only because I'm a K-pop boy group member. And at the drama's first meeting, the director asked, 'BTOB? Who are they?', since we were rookies at the time. Those words hurt my feelings quite much."

He continued, "With my face flushed, I told the director, 'We are hard-working people who have just started pursuing our dreams and trying to achieve our goals. I think what you just said was unnecessary.'."

"Guess what? The character I auditioned for was supposed to be short-tempered, and my causing a scene like that landed me the role in the drama. It was pure luck.", Yook Sungjae said, causing Yang Se-hyung and Jung Jae-hyung to burst out laughing.
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