"He Always Told Me..." Hwang Jung Eum Tells What Led to Her First Divorce Filling 4 Years Ago

By  Cho Yunjung  | Apr 2, 2024

"He Always Told Me..." Hwang Jung Eum Tells What Led to Her First Divorce Filling 4 Years Ago
Actress Hwang Jung Eum, who recently filed for divorce against her golfer-turned-businessman husband, Lee Young-don, spoke candidly about what happened four years ago when she initially filed for a divorce mediation.

On the April 1 episode of the YouTube show 'Zzanbro', Hwang Jung Eum guested and talked about her divorce.

"You know, I was going to divorce him before.", Hwang Jung Eum remarked on the show, referring to when she filed for divorce mediation in 2020.
Hwang Jung Eum"The house we lived in belonged to him, and he would always tell me, 'Get out, this is my place.'. After we fought, I took out a loan and bought a house in Itaewon. He doesn't know that, though."

"We eventually reconciled. I decided to stay with him since we had kids, and I didn't want to waste my time. But, this time...", she said, becoming speechless.
Hwang Jung EumDuring the show, Hwang Jung Eum shared that many people she encounters have told her supportive words after the recent event.

"I don't feel sad about going through this hard time.", she said and added, "That's because I stopped loving him in 2020."

"But I've been experiencing so many emotions since receiving reassuring words from those around me. I've always thought I'm getting more in life than I deserve, for which I'm truly grateful. And this time, I'm feeling that gratitude once more.", Hwang Jung Eum said with a smile.
Hwang Jung EumHwang Jung Eum and Lee Young-don tied the knot in 2016 and welcomed their first son the following year.

In September 2020, the actress filed for divorce mediation, but the couple eventually reconciled and called off their divorce; in 2022, they had their second son.

In February, Hwang Jung Eum posted several pictures of Lee Young-don on her Instagram with captions seemingly suggesting his unfaithfulness; soon after, her agency, Y.One Entertainment announced that the actress had filed for divorce, seeking to end her eight-year marriage.

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