Bentley Hammington Grows So Much that He Is Almost Unrecognizable

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 2, 2024

Bentley Hammington Grows So Much that He Is Almost Unrecognizable
Korea-based New Zealander Australian comedian Sam Hammington's second son Bentley was spotted all grown up. 

On April 1 episode of MBC's television show "Clean Brian," the host K-pop boy duo FLY TO THE SKY's Brian visited Sam Hammington's house. 

At the beginning of this episode, Sam Hammington and his wife Jung Yu-mi were seen warmly welcoming Brian in their front yard, then inviting him into their house. 

As soon as Brian entered the house, he saw Bentley walking about in the hallway without the lights on. 

When Brian saw Bentley, he exclaimed with a smile, "Oh! William!" thinking that Bentley was his older brother William. 

In response to this, Bentley shook his head sideways, then he told Brian that he was Bentley, not William. 

Brian made a surprised facial expression when he heard this, and commented, "Bentley? Oh! Hi, Bentley!" 
BentleyAfter that, Brian and the Hammington couple headed to the living room and hung out there. 

While the adults chatted, Bentley and William joined in with a bag of chips in their hands. 

The viewers were able to get a closer look at Bentley then, and they could not stop themselves from gasping in shock at how much he had grown over the years. 

Bentley gained fame from his appearance on KBS' reality show "The Return of Superman" ever since he was a newborn baby. 

He featured in the show for about four years, from 2017 until 2021, so he has always been a "baby" to everyone. 

Seeing him all grown up, with long arms, legs and mature facial features surprised many; they went, "Oh my...! I honestly didn't think that was Bentley! He looks so different now," "I had no idea that was Bentley. I mean, even Brian thought Bentley was William at first!" and more.  
BentleyBentley(Credit= 'samhammington' Instagram, MBC Clean Brian) 

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