Park Shin Yang Says His TV Acting Debut Was Made Possible by a Phone Call from Kim Hye Soo

By  Cho Yunjung  | Apr 2, 2024

Park Shin Yang Says His TV Acting Debut Was Made Possible by a Phone Call from Kim Hye Soo
Actor/artist Park Shin Yang revealed that actress Kim Hye Soo played a significant part in his acting debut on television.

The April 1 broadcast of Channel A's television show 'Table for 4' featured Park Shin Yang, who has recently been focusing more on his artistic endeavors, welcoming comedian Lee Jin Ho, actor Jang Su-won, announcer Jo Su-bin, and art historian Ahn Hyun-bae to his atelier.
Park Shin Yang & Kim Hye SooIn the episode, Park Shin Yang talked about his time studying acting in Russia and shared how he got to appear in a drama after he returned to Korea, thanks to Kim Hye Soo.

"One day, I received a phone call while I was asleep. It was Kim Hye Soo, who is my college hoobae. She asked me if I was willing to make a TV appearance. Half asleep, I said yes.", he recalled.

"That's how I ended up auditioning for MBC's drama 'The Scent of Apple Blossoms' (literal translation) (1996), making my debut on TV. And time has passed since, leading me to where I am today.", the actor humbly said.
Park Shin Yang & Kim Hye SooDuring the show, Park Shin Yang and other guests at his studio talked about 'Han Ki-joo', the character the actor played in one of his representative works, SBS' drama 'Lovers in Paris' (2004).

Jo Su-bin asked Park Shin Yang how he initially responded to the character's iconic yet somewhat cheesy line spoken to his romantic interest in the drama: 'Let's go, kiddo.'

"I really didn't know what to do with that line. I couldn't help but wonder, 'Does anyone actually speak like that?'.", Park Shin Yang recalled, causing everyone in the studio to chuckle.
Park Shin Yang & Kim Hye Soo(Credit= Channel A Table for 4, SBS Entertainment News/Baik Seung-chul)

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