"Many Celebrities Disappointed Me, but..." Industry Worker Tells What Park Bo Young Is Truly like

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 3, 2024

"Many Celebrities Disappointed Me, but..." Industry Worker Tells What Park Bo Young Is Truly like
One industry worker shared what actress Park Bo Young is like in real life. 

On April 1, one praising comment about Park Bo Young was found on social media, and it quickly spread on the internet. 

The person who wrote the comment claimed to be a staff member who worked with Park Bo Young on Disney+ upcoming series "Light Shop" (literal translation). 

The writer started off by saying, "You don't always need a significant reason to like someone. For me, Park Bo Young, who happened to appear in a movie filmed in my neighborhood, simply stole my heart with her adorable charm. I became a huge fan of her on that day." 

They continued, "I work in the show business. And while working in this industry, I've been greatly disappointed with many celebrities. I became more and more hesitant about becoming a fan of someone because I've had lots of experiences where how high expectations often lead to great disappointment." 

But they still had the vague hope of working with Park Bo Young someday, the writer added. 
Park Bo YoungThen, one day, the writer learned that Park Bo Young would star in "Light Shop," which was a project that they were working on.

As they worked together, their affection for Park Bo Young seemed to only grow, unlike their experiences with other celebrities where it often diminished.

The writer explained, "Park Bo Young was truly remarkable. Even amid challenging and frustrating circumstances, she maintained a composed demeanor, valued her colleagues, and exhibited a genuine willingness to contribute and collaborate. Additionally, her approach to acting was really commendable." 

They confessed that they shed tears after the final shoot and shared, "I couldn't even dare to speak to Park Bo Young, considering how exhausted she was with her hectic schedule. However, to my surprise, she approached me first and gave me a hug. Then, she suggested, 'Let's take a picture together.' I truly hope for the opportunity to work with her again in the future."
Park Bo YoungPark Bo Young(Credit= 'boyoung0212_official' Instagram) 

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