"We Meet Every Year" Lee Bo Young Mentions Her Friendship with Lee Jong Suk

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 3, 2024

"We Meet Every Year" Lee Bo Young Mentions Her Friendship with Lee Jong Suk
Actress Lee Bo Young mentioned how close she and actor Lee Jong Suk still are.

On April 2 episode of entertainer Jang Do-yeon's YouTube show "Salon Drip 2," Lee Bo Young made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, Lee Bo Young was asked if she often has private gatherings during her breaks. 

Bitterly smiling, the actress replied, "I don't really have many private gatherings."

She explained further, "Becoming close usually happens after the end of a project, requiring frequent small meetups. But honestly, it's tough after marriage." 

She continued, "On days off, I prioritize spending time with my family. So most of the gatherings I have now are with people I knew before marriage."
Lee Bo YoungLee Bo YoungFollowing that, Lee Bo Young discussed the exceptional teamwork of the team from the 2013 drama "I Can Hear Your Voice," including Lee Jong Suk, actors Kim Kwang-kyu, Yoon Sanghyun and more. 

Last month, she in fact garnered attention by posting photos of them together.

Lee Bo Young mentioned, "We still get along with each other very well. We meet at least once a year," then smiled. 

Then, Lee Bo Young revealed her surprising perspective on friendship, "I reorganize my phone book every two years. If I haven't been in touch with someone for that long, I simply delete their number. I don't see the need to keep their number in that case, so..."
She also remarked, "So I don't even use KakaoTalk (the largest free mobile instant messaging application in Korea)." 

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