Oh Se-eun Shares Her Surprise over 'Pyramid Game' Co-Star Ryu Da-in's Dating News

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 3, 2024

Oh Se-eun Shares Her Surprise over 'Pyramid Game' Co-Star Ryu Da-in's Dating News
Actress Oh Se-eun expressed her surprise upon hearing about her "Pyramid Game" co-star Ryu Da-in's dating news with actor Lee Chaemin. 

Recently, Oh Se-eun sat down for an interview with the press to talk about her recently-ended series "Pyramid Game." 

In "Pyramid Game," depicting Class 5 of Baekyeon High School, there were many actors of similar age. 

When asked if this dynamic aided their acting, Oh Se-eun shared, "We still gather and keep in touch. Even on the day that the last episode of 'Pyramid Game' was aired, we got together at Seul-gi's place. We were all like, 'Guys, good job. We worked hard, and it's been a great journey.'" 

She continued, "On that day, we also spoke about our next projects, caught up on our lives and discussed acting. We even talked about starting a book club. BONA suggested it, saying, 'Actors should read a lot,' and we all agreed."
Oh Se-eunJust before this interview, Ryu Da-in, who appeared in "Pyramid Game" with Oh Se-eun, made her relationship public with Lee Chaemin. 

Reacting to this news, Oh Se-eun said, "Yeah, they confirmed their relationship just the other day, didn't they? It really took me by surprise. I was just like, 'When did Da-in start dating someone?!'" then added, "But yeah, I've met Lee Chaemin once. Da-in introduced him to us at the VIP premiere."

Then, she was asked if she noticed any signs indicating that Ryu Da-in was in love beforehand, and Oh Se-eun answered, "I really didn't see any," her eyes widening. 

"During our project, I felt we should focus on the work itself. So, asking each other questions like 'Are you dating anyone at the moment? If so, who is it?' felt inappropriate. We carefully brought it up following the news, and I was relieved to hear that their relationship was going well. It was also a relief to see so many people rooting for their relationship." 

"Da-in is incredibly laid-back. She has such a down-to-earth personality. When she acknowledged her relationship with him, I thought it was very typical of her. It was so like her. They both have really cool, easygoing personalities," she added with a smile. 
Oh Se-eunOh Se-eun(Credit= 'iri_ohseeun' 'rxudain' Instagram) 

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