"My Heart Doesn't Flutter Even When..." Kim Jong-kook Recalls His Recent Hug with Song Ji-hyo

By  Cho Yunjung  | Apr 4, 2024

"My Heart Doesn't Flutter Even When..." Kim Jong-kook Recalls His Recent Hug with Song Ji-hyo
Singer Kim Jong-kook talked about the embrace he and actress Song Ji-hyo recently shared on 'Running Man'.

On the April 3 broadcast of MBC's talk show 'Radio Star', Kim Jong-kook guested and expressed how much he appreciates Song Ji-hyo for appearing on his YouTube channel, which has recently reached 2.98 million subscribers.

"Ji-hyo was a huge help. Two of my videos she appeared in both garnered over 17 million views.", said the singer.
Kim Jong-kook & Song Ji-hyoKim Jong-kook also mentioned a recent on-air moment featuring him and Song Ji-hyo that caught much attention.

In a recent episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the members formed two teams and engaged in a futsal match; Song Ji-hyo scored many goals and celebrated it by running up to her team's coach, Kim Jong-kook, and jumping into his arms, giving him enthusiastic hugs.

One of the hosts, comedian Jang Do-yeon, mentioned how politely Kim Jong-kook accepted Song Ji-hyo's hugs; he tried not to touch her with his hands to avoid any awkwardness.
Kim Jong-kook & Song Ji-hyoAfter watching the footage of their hug, another host, comedian Kim Gu-ra, commented that it was like when someone hugs you while you are making kimchi; you are trying to hug them back without your hands covered in seasonings touching the person.

"Exactly.", Kim Jong-kook agreed and playfully boasted about how strong one has to be to hold someone like that.
Kim Jong-kook & Song Ji-hyo"I never thought that I would still be unmarried at this age.", Kim Jong-kook, 47, said on the show.

The singer, known to spend much of his time at the gym, revealed that his passion for working out has hurt his romantic relationships.

"It's a big deal. In the past, I didn't understand why having a healthy habit like that could be an issue when dating someone. It's not like I'm drinking or partying. But over time, I learned it can be a problem when dating someone.", said Kim Jong-kook.

"Whenever I entered a romantic relationship, my exercise routine caused conflicts.", he added, "My now-ex-girlfriends often asked, 'Is it me or your workout?'. I replied that those were two different things, which disappointed them. But I don't understand why someone would ask such a question."

"Lately, my heart doesn't flutter even when doing a show with beautiful guests.", Kim Jong-kook said, admitting that his heart is not as excited about romance anymore; however, he still revealed that he wants to get married before turning 50. 
Kim Jong-kook & Song Ji-hyo(Credit= MBC Radio Star)

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