VIDEO: Park Sung Hoon Accidentally Spoils Some Details About "Squid Game 2"

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 4, 2024

VIDEO: Park Sung Hoon Accidentally Spoils Some Details About "Squid Game 2"
Actor Park Sung Hoon inadvertently revealed some details about "Squid Game 2" during his recent YouTube show appearance. 

Recently, Park Sung Hoon appeared in a YouTube show hosted by YouTuber Chimchak Man and comedian Lee Chang-ho. 

While chatting together, Chimchak Man mentioned Park Sung Hoon's casting in "Squid Game Season 2," saying, "Isn't that your 50th project? It's so something to look forward to. I'm truly excited about it." 

Nodding, Park Sung Hoon replied, "That's right, it's my 50th project. I feel lucky to be part of one of the most anticipated releases of 2024." 
Park Sung HoonPark Sung HoonAfter that, both Chimchak Man and Lee Chang-ho bombarded him with questions about the next season of "Squid Game." 

They asked him things like, "The fact that you are part of the cast really proves your acting skills, doesn't it?" "Are you going to wear that 'Squid Game' tracksuit in the series?" "Will Sung Ki-hoon (actor Lee Jung Jae) appear with red hair?" and more. 

However, Park Sung Hoon kept his answer brief, saying, "Well, it's the following season of the first one,' avoiding any potential spoilers. 

The actor emphasized, "I can't reveal anything. We're still deep into filming," showing a cautious response.

But in the conversation afterward, he accidentally let slip, "There are characters who die early on," prompting Lee Chang-ho to ask in surprise, "Oh, some characters die?" 

In response to his comment, Park Sung Hoon turned completely red and started blinking hard. 

Then, he humorously asked the production team in front of him to edit his words, sparking laughter.

The sequel to the highly successful Netflix series "Squid Game," which gained global popularity in 2021, is currently being produced and is scheduled to be released in the latter part of this year.

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