NCT WISH SION Shares that RIIZE WONBIN Offered Him Lots of Beneficial Tips & Advice

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 4, 2024

NCT WISH SION Shares that RIIZE WONBIN Offered Him Lots of Beneficial Tips & Advice
SION of K-pop boy group NCT's unit NCT WISH shared that WONBIN of another boy group RIIZE provided him with plenty of valuable guidance. 

On April 3, the seven members of NCT WISH held a press meeting to express their thoughts on their one-month journey in the K-pop industry.

NCT WISH is a rookie boy group from SM Entertainment that debuted on February 21; not only are they the youngest, but also the last unit of NCT. 
SIONWhile discussing the sentiments about his first month in the K-pop world, SION mentioned his friendship with his SM Entertainment label mate WONBIN. 

SION stated, "WONBIN and I are the same age, so we're very close to each other. After my debut, I frequently spoke with WONBIN." 

He continued, "I asked WONBIN about things that I was curious about during our group's promotional activities. He told me everything. I learned a lot from WONBIN." 

With a bright smile, he added, "WONBIN and I were like, 'Let's do a dance challenge together some time.' So, we'll probably do one in the near future. Well, hopefully!" 
SIONFollowing that, SION mentioned that he maintains a strong connection with senior members of NCT as well. 

SION commented, "All the NCT 127 and DREAM seniors consistently praise us, saying, 'NCT WISH is the best!' That really gives me strength. RENJUN and DOYOUNG have bought us snacks too. I can't thank them enough for their support." 

"I hope to have an 'NCT NATION' performance with all NCT hyungs one day. That would just be so awesome," he added, smiling. 
SION(Credit= SM Entertainment) 

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