Park Ha Seon Hints at Her Potential Divorce with Ryu Su Young on Air?

By  Lee Narin  | Apr 5, 2024

Park Ha Seon Hints at Her Potential Divorce with Ryu Su Young on Air?
Actress Park Ha Seon hinted at the possibility of divorce with actor Ryu Su Young during her recent TV show appearance. 

On April 4 episode of JTBC's new television show "Refresh," couples in crisis went through a simulated divorce lawsuit process, and also shared their nerve-wracking stories.

At the beginning of the show, one of the hosts entertainer Kim Sae-rom said to other hosts, "I'm a veteran in this field," indirectly speaking about her divorce. 

Suh Dong-joo responded, "Well, same here. I've been divorced once before, so... As someone who has been through it, I'll do my best to be a helpful host and lawyer." 
Park Ha SeonThen, Park Ha Seon commented, "I've been married to Ryu Su-young for eight years. It's eight years for now," prompting Kim Sae-rom to jokingly question her use of "for now."

To this, Park Ha Seon laughed and said, "You never know these things, you know." 

Trying to protect Park Ha Seon's marriage, Kim Sae-rom corrected her by saying, "If you want to say something like that, you should use, 'still strong,' or similar." 
Park Ha SeonFollowing that, a shocking case of a foul-mouthed married couple's story was shown to them in a video. 

There was a surprising turn in this story though; despite expectations, the husband emerged as a genuinely sweet partner, brewing coffee for his wife every morning and showering her with frequent displays of affection.

Observing the husband skillfully cooking and serving meals to his wife, Park Ha Seon remarked, "Oh, he's similar to Ryu Su Young." 

She continued, "They share a similarity in their tendency to display affection often," and jokingly added, "I don't like being kissed on the top of my head though," then laughed.  
Park Ha Seon(Credit= JTBC Refresh, 'sbscine' Instagram) 

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