"We Do Everything Together" Chung Kyung-ho Describes His 12-Year Relationship with Sooyoung

By  Cho Yunjung  | Apr 8, 2024

"We Do Everything Together" Chung Kyung-ho Describes His 12-Year Relationship with Sooyoung
Actor Chung Kyung-ho expressed his affection for his girlfriend, Sooyoung, a K-pop girl group Girls' Generation member.

On April 5, producer Na Young-seok posted a new video on his YouTube channel that featured some special guests: the director of tvN's television series 'Hospital Playlist', Shin Won-ho, and some of its cast members, Chung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Cho Jung Seok, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Jeon Mi Do.

In the video, Na Young-seok and Shin Won-ho greeted Chung Kyung-ho, who arrived at the studio an hour early.

The actor brought a lot of delicious dishes to the studio, which made Na Young-seok and Shin Won-ho happy.

Kim Dae-myung came in next with bags of food to share; the table quickly became crowded with the delicious dishes the two actors had brought.
Chung Kyung-hoWhen Chung Kyung-ho and Kim Dae-myung mentioned that Yoo Yeon Seok had even thought about going on a shrimp boat ride to provide fresh shrimp to the gathering, Na Young-seok could not help but ask, "Going on a shrimp boat ride for this?? What's going on? Don't you guys have any work these days?"

"Well, I haven't been working recently. So, if you could arrange the gathering earlier, it would be nice. Why at seven in the afternoon? I've been waiting all day!", Chung Kyung-ho jokingly replied.

Na Young-seok exclaimed, "I thought you guys were busy!"; "Actually, this is the most urgent schedule we currently have.", Kim Dae-myung humorously responded, causing the producer to laugh out loud.
Chung Kyung-hoWhile the four were waiting for the others to arrive, Na Young-seok told Chung Kyung-ho, "Your nose looks tan!"

"Oh, right. It happened while I was in Australia. I just went on a trip there with Sooyoung.", Chung Kyung-ho replied, mentioning his girlfriend.

Na Young-seok asked him, "How can you guys still be so loving after being together for ten years?"

The actor first pointed out that he and Sooyoung have been together for 12 years, then described his relationship with his girlfriend; "We do everything together. Everything I did, I did with Sooyoung. We are partners that are always with each other no matter what.", Chung Kyung-ho remarked.

"And I thought Dae-myung was the one who you were always spending time with!", Na Young-seok quipped; "No, I'm her backup.", Kim Dae-myung playfully replied.
Chung Kyung-ho(Credit= '채널십오야' YouTube, 'sooyoungchoi' Instagram, Online Community)

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