SISTAR Tells Why the Blossoming of Romance Is Impossible at 'Idol Athletics Championships'

By  Lee Narin  | May 14, 2024

SISTAR Tells Why the Blossoming of Romance Is Impossible at 'Idol Athletics Championships'
Disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR shared why it is impossible for any romance to blossom at the "Idol Athletics Championships."

On May 13, a new episode of the YouTube show "Jjanbro," hosted by entertainer Shin Dong-yeob, was released.

The guests on this latest episode of "Jjanbro" were SOYOU and Kim Dasom from the disbanded group SISTAR.
SISTARWhile they chatted over drinks, Shin Dong-yeob curiously asked them about MBC's television show "Idol Athletics Championships," specifically if many K-pop stars do start dating during the filming.

Kim Dasom answered, "There were always rumors about couples forming during the filming of the 'Idol Athletics Championships.' But honestly, the atmosphere is far from romantic. I mean, fans are watching every one of us through binoculars. How could we even talk to each other? Once you're there, you'd understand—there's no way any romance could blossom."

The sub-host, Jeong Ho Cheol, then commented, "Doesn't it make your heart flutter watching all the guys participating in sports though? Surely it does a bit, no?"

SOYOU shook her head and replied, "I never even looked at them. I was always so tired during filming that I didn't care who ran or who won first place. The only thing I wanted to do was go home."
SISTARSISTARExpanding on the topic of the "Idol Athletics Championships," SOYOU revealed, "We actually faced complaints from other agencies back then. They were like, 'If SISTAR joins, we won't stand a chance at winning first place. Remove SISTAR from the lineup.' So, we even ended up holding a 'retirement ceremony.'"

SOYOU elaborated, "It basically stemmed from our consistent success in relay races. Prior to that, we hadn't even realized all four of us were great runners. It was only through the competition that we discovered our strength in running. Also, we consistently clinched first place in archery. While other teams diligently trained with their coaches, we simply lounged around with no special preparations, and yet, we still came out on top. Other agencies didn't like that."

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