"When We Get the Chance..." Taeyeon Gets Invited to 'Ideal Type' Gang Dong Won's Place?

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 14, 2024

"When We Get the Chance..." Taeyeon Gets Invited to 'Ideal Type' Gang Dong Won's Place?
Actor Gang Dong Won responded to his long-time fan Taeyeon, K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's leader, following her mention of him on a radio show.

On May 14, Gang Dong Won from the upcoming movie 'The Plot' guested on MBC FM4U's radio show hosted by comedian Kim Shin-young.

During the show, the host brought up her close friend Taeyeon, a fan of Gang Dong Won.

Taeyeon has long described Gang Dong Won as her ideal type.

And on her last day of hosting a radio show she had been on for a long time, Gang Dong Won made her day by leaving a voice message on the show.
Gang Dong Won & TaeyeonSo, when Taeyeon appeared on Kim Shin-young's radio show, she was asked to choose between two hypothetical scenarios: inviting Gang Dong Won to her place or being invited by Gang Dong Won to his place.

The singer went for the second one, saying, "My heart is fluttering right now. I'm not sure about asking him to come over to my place. There will be too many things to take care of, such as cleaning and organizing. Wow, I'm taking this too seriously."
Gang Dong Won & TaeyeonWhen Kim Shin-young recounted this situation and informed Gang Dong Won how Taeyeon had chosen to visit his place, the actor chuckled and said, "I appreciate that."

"I, too, would prefer to be invited, though. So, when we get the chance...", the actor playfully added. 

Bringing up the table the actor had mentioned on the show, Kim Shin-young remarked, "I'll root for you, Taeyeon, hoping that one day you'll be able to join Gang Dong Won at his table for ten he had built himself."; Gang Dong Won laughed heartily.
Gang Dong Won & TaeyeonGang Dong Won also discussed his upcoming film 'The Plot' on the show, "Even before reading the script, I was already fascinated by the description of my character as someone who orchestrates contract killings to appear like accidents. How my character changes throughout the story is also an interesting element."

Meanwhile, 'The Plot' follows 'Young-il' (Gang Dong Won), who specializes in disguising contract killings as accidents, becoming involved in an unexpected turn of events; the film is set to hit theaters on May 29.
Gang Dong Won & Taeyeon(Credit= 'Mhz 므흐즈' YouTube, 'taeyeon_ss' Instagram)

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