Veteran Singer Kang Jin Credits Zo In Sung for Phenomenal Boost in His Income

By  Lee Narin  | May 14, 2024

Veteran Singer Kang Jin Credits Zo In Sung for Phenomenal Boost in His Income
Veteran singer Kang Jin credited actor Zo In Sung for a significant boost in his income, acknowledging the actor's impact on his career.

On May 9 episode of KBS' television show "Living Together 3," Kang Jin joined as a guest. 

As the show's host Park Won-sook and Kang Jin spoke with each other, Kang Jin revealed the process of receiving his song "Ddaengbeol" which helped him shake off twenty years of obscurity, from another veteran singer Na Hoon-ah. 

Kang Jin explained, "I released 'Ddaengbeol' in 2001 and promoted it diligently until 2005. I initially thought it would only gain moderate recognition and wouldn't become a hit, so I eventually stopped promoting it. However, things took an unexpected turn when Zo In Sung sang 'Ddaengbeol' in his movie 'A Dirty Carnival,' and it started gaining recognition."

He continued, "When I went to see 'A Dirty Carnival' in the theater, 'Ddaengbeol' was playing, and I overheard people whispering, 'What's that song? It's pretty good.' A few days later, I received an influx of casting offers. I used to have to actively seek out offers, but during that time, they came pouring in even when I stayed quiet. I had up to seven events a day, going from morning to the next morning without rest."
Kang JinPark Won-sook then asked how much his financial situation changed after the hit of "Ddaengbeol."

Kang Jin replied, "Life changed drastically. After 'Ddaengbeol' became a hit, my earnings increased about tenfold. And now, with 'Makgeolli Hanjan' also hitting big, thanks to trot singer YOUNGTAK, it's multiplied twentyfold."

"Back in the day, I always craved eels when dining out, but it was too costly. However, after the success of those songs, my wife now treats me to eel restaurants. There was even a time when I devoured seven eels with two bowls of rice. The owner was surprised by my appetite. This wouldn't have been possible without Zo In Sung and YOUNGTAK," the singer concluded gratefully.
Kang JinKang Jin(Credit= KBS Living Together 3 CJ Entertainment) 

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