'Queen of Tears' Kim Do-hyun Talks About Receiving an Unexpected Gift from Kim Soo Hyun

By  Lee Narin  | May 16, 2024

'Queen of Tears' Kim Do-hyun Talks About Receiving an Unexpected Gift from Kim Soo Hyun
Actor Kim Do-hyun shared a heartwarming story about actor Kim Soo Hyun, leaving everyone feeling touched.

On May 15 episode of MBC's television show "Radio Star," Kim Do-hyun made a guest appearance. 
Queen of TearsDuring his appearance on the show, Kim Do-hyun spoke about his recent experience of working with Kim Soo Hyun on tvN's recently-concluded drama "Queen of Tears" when the host Kim Gu-ra asked him, "I heard that Kim Soo Hyun took exceptional care of you during the shooting of the drama. Is that right?" 

Kim Do-hyun said, "In winter, we wore padded coats for outdoor shoots. I'd been wearing the same one for over 15 years and decided it was time for a new one. But they are pretty expensive, you know. Every time I went shopping, I was just like, 'No... It's too expensive,' and put it back down. I actually thought about getting one after finishing 'Reborn Rich,' but I couldn't find a long one that reached below my knees."

He continued, "On the set of 'Queen of Tears,' I saw Soo Hyun wearing the exact padded coat I wanted. So, I asked him if it was a sponsored coat or a celebrities-only special edition since I couldn't find it anywhere. Soo Hyun replied, 'No, hyung, this is available in stores,' and then, at our next shoot, he brought a new one in a box and gave it to me as a gift."
Queen of TearsKim Gu-ra then joked, "It kind of feels like you were asking him to buy it for you when you had first mentioned it to him."

Laughing, Kim Do-hyun continued telling his story about Kim Soo Hyun, "What was surprising was that he also gifted the same padded coat to all the members of the Yongdoo-ri family and the Queens Group. That really impressed me."
Queen of TearsIn "Queen of Tears," Kim Do-hyun took on the role of Baek Hyun-tae, the elder brother of Kim Soo Hyun's character, Baek Hyun-woo.

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