'Stingy Man' Kim Jong-kook Says He Chose Bus over Luxury Even in Successful TURBO Days

By  Lee Narin  | May 16, 2024

'Stingy Man' Kim Jong-kook Says He Chose Bus over Luxury Even in Successful TURBO Days
Singer Kim Jong-kook, known as the "stingy man," shared that he chose to ride a bus even when he was successful as TURBO―'90s popular K-pop duo. 

On May 15, a new episode of MBC's television show "Stingy Man" was released. 

In an episode of "Stingy Man," viewers caught Kim Jong-kook and actor Min Jin Woong paying a visit to hip-hop artist UNEDUCATED KID's home.

As UNEDUCATED KID gave them a tour around his place, Kim Jong-kook happened to notice his car keys resting on a table.

Spotting the keys, Kim Jong-kook could not resist asking about the car, to which UNEDUCATED KID casually replied, "I've got a BMW convertible sports car."

UNEDUCATED KID then shared, "I'm at a point where I want to switch up my car though. I've had it since I was 23, so it's been a while. I've driven it for four years, covering 40,000 km."
Stingy ManIn response, Kim Jong-kook let out a sigh, remarking, "Even though I could afford a fancy car like yours, I chose to stick with the bus until TURBO's third album."

He went on, "My current car is a decade old, with just 40,000 km on it. I hardly drive; I'm more of a bicycle person. And for longer trips, I opt for an electric bike."

When UNEDUCATED KID inquired, "Don't you ever take taxis?" Kim Jong-kook surprised everyone, saying, "I avoid taxis altogether. I don't even have a taxi app."
Stingy ManWatching from the studio, actor Lee Joon also related to Kim Jong-kook's tight-spending habits and mentioned he does not have a taxi app either.

When the host Jang Do-yeon pointed out, 'But if you have to go home late, you have no choice but to take a cab, don't you?' Lee Joon replied, "Well, that's exactly why I don't stay out late." 

He went on to say, "When there's a gathering for drinks, I tend to avoid drinking any. I prefer drinking at home. If I drink outside, there's always the expense of arranging for a designated driver or paying for a taxi," revealing a thriftiness comparable to Kim Jong-kook's.
Stingy Man(Credit= MBC Stingy Man, Online Community) 

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