"There Are Only 3 of Us Now" DAESUNG Bitterly Mentions BIGBANG Being a 3-Member Group

By  Lee Narin  | May 16, 2024

"There Are Only 3 of Us Now" DAESUNG Bitterly Mentions BIGBANG Being a 3-Member Group
DAESUNG of K-pop boy group BIGBANG wore a bitter smile as he talked about how there are now only three members left in his group.

On May 10, DAESUNG's YouTube show "Zip DS" dropped a new episode online.

This episode featured DAESUNG having a talk with actress Lee Yu Bi, actor Lee Joon and boy band CNBLUE's member Lee Jung Shin. 

Before the group assembled, DAESUNG and Lee Yu Bi went grocery shopping to pick up snacks for the gathering.

Upon their meeting, Lee Yu Bi screamed at the top of her lungs and said, "I agreed to join this show because it's your show, DAESUNG! I mean, you're BIGBANG!" expressing love for the group. 

Then, DAESUNG admitted, "I'm actually nervous today. Not only is it my first time meeting you, but it's also my first time meeting Lee Joon."
DAESUNGDAESUNGWhen Lee Yu Bi asked, "Didn't you ever promote your album with Lee Joon before?" DAESUNG replied, "Our promotions did overlap a number of times, but we never really got to meet, because I never got out of my waiting room. In fact, all the members of BIGBANG were always glued to our waiting room." 

Surprised, Lee Yu Bi asked, "Really? Are all five of you guys introverts?!"

DAESUNG nodded and said, "Yeah, we are," adding bitterly, "What adds to the difficulty is that we're down to just three now."

Debuting in 2006 under YG Entertainment, BIGBANG originally comprised five members: G-DRAGON, TAEYANG, DAESUNG, T.O.P and SEUNGRI.

SEUNGRI was the first to depart from the group in 2019 following his involvement in the Burning Sun scandal.

Subsequently, T.O.P officially confirmed his departure from the group last year.

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