"I Was Impressed" Jang Yoon Ju's Husband Tells How He Fell for Her When They First Met

By  Cho Yunjung  | May 16, 2024

"I Was Impressed" Jang Yoon Ju's Husband Tells How He Fell for Her When They First Met
Jung Seung Min, CEO of a lifestyle brand and spouse of model/actress Jang Yoon Ju, described his initial impression of her.

On May 15, Jang Yoon Ju uploaded a video where she interviewed her husband on her YouTube channel.

"Are you Jung Seung Min, the CEO? I've been dying to see you!", Jang Yoon Ju expressed as she saw her husband; she playfully pretended to be a stranger to him throughout the video.

"We saw each other this morning.", Jung Seung Min replied, and the married couple shared a hearty laugh.
Jang Yoon JuDuring the interview, Jang Yoon Ju asked Jung Seung Min about his ideal type of woman; he replied, "I married my ideal type. We've been married for nine years."

"Do you guys fight frequently?", Jang Yoon Ju asked, to which Jung Seung Min answered, "I would say we fight about once a year, regularly. The fights can get quite big at times. But we always make up nicely."

Jung Seung Min also said, "At the beginning of our relationship, I visited her place. While using the bathroom, I noticed that she was keeping her toothbrush in what appeared to be a toothpaste tube she had cut with scissors. I thought, 'Wow, she's so thrifty.'."

He jokingly added that it was the moment he realized Jang Yoon Ju was the one, chuckling.
Jang Yoon JuJung Seung Min then fondly recalled their first encounter; he said he had a crush on her that day.

"There was this brand I've been working with for a while. They wanted to conduct a photo shoot in my office, and the model happened to be my current spouse. That's how we met.", he remarked.

However, Jung Seung Min said her first impression was not so great; "My now-wife, the model, didn't show up for more than an hour after the scheduled time. If someone is more than an hour late for an appointment, it indicates a habitual pattern of being late."

Jang Yoon Ju laughed and explained, "She may have had the reason to be late that day."

"What were your initial thoughts when you saw her face?", Jang Yoon Ju asked, and Jung Seung Min responded, "I didn't give it much thought. She was just a person who arrived late. I absolutely don't like being tardy."
Jang Yoon Ju"As the photoshoot started, I saw her gaze shifting completely.", Jung Seung Min continued, "I was truly impressed. It was the gaze of a leopard cat, reminiscent of a wild predator. I was so impressed that I sent her a message via Instagram. Then, she began rapidly liking my posts every second. She clicked likes on over 200 posts from my Instagram account. I thought to myself, 'Well, well. She's into me.'."

"I'm usually not the type who confidently flirts with a woman I'm interested in. It was the first and last bold move I made to a woman.", he added.
Jang Yoon JuMeanwhile, Jang Yoon Ju tied the knot with Jung Seung Min in May 2015.

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