"I Was with My Kids Then and..." Won Bin's Kind Gestures in His Early Debut Days Surface

By  Lee Narin  | May 16, 2024

"I Was with My Kids Then and..." Won Bin's Kind Gestures in His Early Debut Days Surface
Actor Won Bin's acts of kindness earlier in his debut days have come to light. 

On May 8, a heartwarming story about Won Bin's act from 24 years ago surfaced on the YouTube channel 'Organizing Market by Homedant.'"

This channel specializes in content featuring interviews with homemaking experts from various regions across the country.

In the video on that particular day, a 60-year-old housewife residing in Suwon shared her secrets for effectively managing the refrigerator.
Won BinWhile she was giving her household tips, the producer pointed to a frame in the living room and said, "There's something I've been wanting to ask about since I entered your home earlier. So, about that frame..." 

In the photo frame, Won Bin was smiling at the camera alongside two young girls. The producer asked, "Isn't that Won Bin?"

The housewife laughed and confirmed, "Yes, that's Won Bin indeed," then added, "It's from 2000. In fact, that photo was taken before Won Bin became famous."

She explained, "My kids and I went to get an autograph from this celebrity at that time, but they refused to sign us one. Seeing the disappointed kids, Won Bin asked, 'Can I perhaps sign you an autograph?'"

With a smile, she continued, "So the kids took a photo with Won Bin afterward, not knowing he would become this famous. He became much more famous than the person who refused to sign us their autograph. Looking back now, I think it's all worked out for the better."
Won BinWon BinWon Bin's most recent work was in the film "The Man from Nowhere,"which was released 14 years ago.

Rumors of Won Bin's retirement emerged due to his long absence from work, but his agency previously clarified that he intends to remain active in the industry.

(Credit= 'Organizing Market by Homedant' YouTube) 

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