VIDEO: "Invite me to your concert!" Kang Daniel Fanboying EXO's CHAN YEOL?

Nov 6, 2017

VIDEO: "Invite me to your concert!" Kang Daniel Fanboying EXO's CHAN YEOL?
K-pop boy group Wanna One's Kang Daniel channeled his inner EXO fanboy instinct during 'Master Key'!

On November 4 aired episode of SBS' variety show 'Master Key', Kang Daniel and EXO's CHAN YEOL were featured as star players along with many more celebrities.

For this episode, the concept have been changed from previous episodes to two players secretly hold 'Angel's Master Key' and 'Demon's Master Key'.

The person who holds the 'Angel's Master Key' had to convince other members to trust him, while the person who holds 'Demon's Master Key' had to lie to others so that he can be the only winner.

Rest of the cast members were subjected to vote for the person who holds the 'Angel's Master Key'.
VIDEO: 'Invite me to your concert!When Kang Daniel received a hint that either WINNER's Mino or EXO's CHAN YEOL holds a key, he stood close to CHAN YEOL.

As Kang Daniel stared at CHAN YEOL suspiciously, CHAN YEOL said, "If I turn out to be the demon, what should I bet? What should I do for you? I can bet anything that you want."

Kang Daniel, who is known to be a huge fan of EXO, requested, "Please invite me to your concert!".
VIDEO: 'Invite me to your concert!CHAN YEOL answered, "I'll definitely do that. If I'm the demon, I'll invite you to EXO's concert as a guest."

Kang Daniel smiled and showed a little 'happy dance', and his fellow Wanna One member Ong Seong Wu followed his cute dance move.
VIDEO: 'Invite me to your concert!Watch the cute fanboy moment of Kang Daniel above!

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