GD's 'Friend' Lee Ju Yeon, "In a Relationship = More Cosmetics"?

Nov 21, 2017

GD's 'Friend' Lee Ju Yeon, "In a Relationship = More Cosmetics"?
[SBS Star] GD's 'Friend' Lee Ju Yeon, In a Relationship = More Cosmetics?A singer turned actress Lee Ju Yeon, who denied dating rumor with K-pop singer G-DRAGON, recently hosted Korean beauty program 'Dressing Tables 3'.

The new episode, which is slated to go on air on November 21 at 9 PM KST, Lee's former bandmate Lizzy attended the program as a guest as well. 

When Super Junior's LeeTeuk asked Lee Ju Yeon, "How does it feel to see Lizzy on the show?" 

Then Lee Ju Yeon said, "It's ridiculous."

She added, "I don't know whether Lizzy can do make-up well, but even though she's wearing a sensual makeup it's weird how she can't pull any boys." 

Lee Ju Yeon also gave some advice to Chung Ha, who came to the show as a guest as well. As she reveals that she does not have much cosmetics at home, Ju Yeon told Chung Ha, "If you find a man, you'll have more cosmetics." 

Then Lizzy said to Ju Yeon, "You have so many cosmetics". 

Ju Yeon responded to Lizzy's comment, "I have so many cosmetics." 

The host Lee Ju Yeon was swirled in dating rumors with G-DRAGON on November 9 after fans dug up photos that had similar backgrounds with G-DRAGON.

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However, at the time, G-DRAGON's management agency YG Entertainment announced, "We don't know about our artists' private lives. But we know that they are just friends." 

(Credit= SBS funE, 'jupppal' Instagram) 

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