Taeyeon Clarifies Misunderstandings about Car Accident

Nov 30, 2017

Taeyeon Clarifies Misunderstandings about Car Accident
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's member Taeyeon directly talked about her recent car accident and its surrounding rumors.

On November 29, Taeyeon left multiple comments on her Instagram, responding to fans' worries and demands for a public apology.
TaeyeonTaeyeon wrote, "I'm so sorry for making you to worry. I apologized to the taxi driver. However, other passengers rejected my contact."

She continued, "I'm letting you know because there have been several misunderstandings going on. I will be more careful with driving. I apologize for causing worries."
TaeyeonOne fan commented, "Taeyeon unnie, if you see this comment, please upload a post of public apology. I'm saying this because I'm concerned as your fan. I was so shocked but I'm glad that everyone's okay."

Taeyeon replied, "Babe, this is not something that I need to apologize to the public. I need to apologize directly to the involved people. The accident has been well resolved. I really appreciate you for worrying about me. I will drive carefully."

As many fans suggested that Taeyeon should take legal actions to the alleged victims for spreading false information about the accident, Taeyeon wrote, "Yes, I am planning on doing so. I will be more careful."
TaeyeonOn November 28, Taeyeon's car rear-ended a taxi, which then struck another car, causing a multi-vehicle accident in Gangnam, Seoul.

Alleged victims and witnesses wrote multiple posts online, causing the issue to grow controversial.

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