Highlight Members Spend a Memorable Time Before Yoon Du Jun's Enlistment

Aug 24, 2018

Highlight Members Spend a Memorable Time Before Yoon Du Jun's Enlistment
K-pop boy group Highlight's members were spotted spending some time together ahead of the group's leader Yoon Du Jun's military enlistment.

On August 24, Yoon Du Jun shared pictures taken with the rest of Highlight's members―Lee Gi Kwang, Yong Jun Hyung, Yang Yoseop, and Son Dong Woon on his social media account.HighlightIn the pictures, Yoon Du Jun is seen with a military haircut, and the other members smile surrounding him. 

The youngest member Son Dong Woon, however, could not make it to the gathering that he is seen on the screen of a video call.

Along with the pictures, Yoon Du Jun wrote, "Thank you, my friends. You guys will stay in my heart!"HighlightAround the same time, Lee Gi Kwang also posted the same picture on his social media account with a long message to Yoon Du Jun.

Lee Gi Kwang wrote, "My friend Du Jun, I know how much you have worked hard as the leader of the group since you were a high school student. It's time to put that burden down now. I hope you train, eat, rest well in the military."

He continued, "Let's meet again, and start again together soon. I love you, Yoon Du Jun."

Lee Gi Kwang's heartfelt words surely touched Yoon Du Jun's heart, and fans' hearts as well.Lee Gi KwangPreviously on August 22, Yoon Du Jun unexpectedly announced his military enlistment.  

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Yoon Du Jun will begin serving the national mandatory duty as an active duty soldier today, and he is expected to be discharge in April 2020.

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