Henry Swears He Has Not Dated Any Girls Since His Debut in 2008

Nov 22, 2018

Henry Swears He Has Not Dated Any Girls Since His Debut in 2008
Henry, formerly of K-pop boy group Super Junior's sub-unit Super Junior-M, revealed that he has not dated any girls since his debut in 2008.

On November 21 episode of JTBC's variety show 'Let's Eat Dinner Together', Henry was seen walking around Dogok-dong, Seoul with another guest Cha Eun-woo from boy group ASTRO, and two hosts entertainers Lee Gyeonggyu and Kang Ho-dong.HenryWhile walking, Kang Ho-dong said, "Henry, you told me that you have never had a girlfriend after you debuted. Is that really true?"

As Henry answered, "That's right," Kang Ho-dong asked with curious eyes, "Not even once? Why is that?"

Henry replied, "Well, I just haven't met the right person yet. But I don't feel lonely at all. I'm actually doing great right now."HenryThen, all of a sudden, Henry said, "Eun-woo is feeling lonely, though."

Kang Ho-dong asked, "Eun-woo, do you currently have a girlfriend?"

Cha Eun-woo smiled and responded, "No, I don't. I had a girlfriend a long time ago when I was a student, but I don't have one at the moment."Cha Eun-wooAfter watching this episode, a lot of people have commented, "Whoa! It's been over 10 years since Henry made debut, though.", "Henry oppa, please know that I'm available! My number is...", "So jealous of Eun-woo's ex-girlfriend! She's the luckiest girl on the planet.", and so on.

Meanwhile, Henry signed a contract with a new management agency Monster Entertainment Group in the beginning of the month.

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(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Let's Eat Dinner Together) 

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