MONBEBE Ask MONSTA X Members to Explain Their Recent Controversies Themselves

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 31, 2019

MONBEBE Ask MONSTA X Members to Explain Their Recent Controversies Themselves
K-pop boy group MONSTA X's fandom MONBEBE are asking the members to explain their recent controversies themselves.

For the past couple of days, the group's members WONHO and SHOWNU have been in the limelight for their past wrongdoings.

On October 29, WONHO's ex-girlfriend reality star Jung Da-eun revealed that he had not paid her 30 million won (approximately 25,800 dollars) back for over six years.

As her anger built up, she went on to expose his veiled past online, including the fact that he used to be in a youth detention center for theft.

▶ [SBS Star] Jung Da-eun Accuses MONSTA X WONHO of Not Paying Her Back; Also Discloses His Shocking PastMONSTA XThen in the morning of October 31, Jung Da-eun's current girlfriend former K-pop trainee Hahn Seohee disclosed some messages Jung Da-eun received from an anonymous man via Instagram a short while ago.

The anonymous man told her that SHOWNU had an affair with his wife as well as how SHOWNU's lawyer dealt with the matter.

▶ [SBS Star] Hahn Seohee Reveals a DM Claiming That MONSTA X's SHOWNU Had an Affair with a Married Woman
MONSTA XIn the afternoon of October 31, the largest group of MONBEBE in Korea got together and issued a joint statement regarding WONHO and SHOWNU's controversies.

MONBEBE wrote, "A series of recent controversies surrounding some members of MONSTA X have completely baffled us. As STARSHIP Entertainment said, the result of their legal battle will tell us who is right and wrong."

They continued, "However, there is no denying that the revelations about MONSTA X that Jung Da-eun and Hahn Seohee have disclosed are indescribably shocking and disturbing."

They added, "We would like to keep supporting MONSTA X. In order to do that, we believe it is necessary for the members to address their controversies themselves. We strongly urge them to come out to the public to speak about them." 

Then, they wrapped up the statement by saying, "We kindly ask the members of MONSTA X not to break faith with us."MONSTA X(Credit= 'OfficialMonstaX' Twitter, 'dcinside' Official Website)

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