Park Hae Jin Gets Promoted as an Honorary Fire Captain

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 12, 2019

Park Hae Jin Gets Promoted as an Honorary Fire Captain
Actor Park Hae Jin got promoted as an honorary fire captain for his continuous warm support for firefighters.

Previously on November 12, 2018, the National Fire Agency appointed Park Hae Jin as an honorary firefighter.

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Ever since then, Park Hae Jin has played a big role in promoting the importance of firefighters throughout the country.Park Hae JinThen on December 9, Park Hae Jin was named as an honorary fire captain at a special ceremony that took place at Sejong Government Building, Sejong-si.

During the acceptance speech, Park Hae Jin stated, "The word 'firefighter' itself makes me go all emotional. Firefighters are the greatest people who protect us unconditionally."

The actor continued, "I'm feel greatly honored to receive such return when I was only doing little things I could do for them."

He added, "As an honorary fire captain, I will continue doing my best to raise public's awareness towards firefighters. Thank you so much, everyone."Park Hae JinEven before becoming an honorary firefighter last year, Park Hae Jin showed his support to firefighters in his own ways.

He had carried out activities such as taking part in an awareness campaign, shooting a promotional video and calendar in collaboration with the National Fire Agency with no payment and so on.Park Hae Jin(Credit= Mountain Movement)

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