VIDEO: Fans Think Lee Yeon Hee Should Have Made K-pop Debut

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 21, 2021

VIDEO: Fans Think Lee Yeon Hee Should Have Made K-pop Debut
A lot of fans are surprised after finding out how great of a singer and dancer actress Lee Yeon Hee is. 

When Lee Yeon Hee was at SM Entertainment, she trained with the members of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation together to make K-pop debut. 

But Lee Yeon Hee changed her career path along the way and made debut as an actress. 

Recently, Girls' Generation's member Yuri mentioned why Lee Yeon Hee ended up becoming an actress, not joining the group. 

She explained that the staff at SM Entertainment thought Lee Yeon Hee was going to stand out too much among the girls. 

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Following this, some fans discovered past videos of Lee Yeon Hee that showed her talent in singing as well as dancing. 

Those were Lee Yeon Hee singing at the SM TOWN's annual concert, on a television show and dancing in a drama. 

Lee Yeon Hee showed off such an amazing singing voice and incredible dance moves in these videos. 

After seeing these videos, fans left comments wishing she had made debut as a member of K-pop girl group. 

Their comments included, "She would've had so many fans if she had made K-pop debut.", "Wow. She really should have become a K-pop singer.", "She has such a beautiful singing voice. I'm mesmerized." and so on. 

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