DARA Apologizes to Her Plane's Cabin Crews: Here's Why

Apr 27, 2022

DARA of disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1 shared a cute apology to cabin crews of her recent flight.

On April 26, DARA took to her personal Instagram and shared photos of the in-flight meals she had in her flight from Los Angeles, the United States to Incheon, South Korea.
DARAAlong with the photos, DARA wrote, "On my flight to L.A., I only ate steak and salad. So I decided to treat myself with bibimbap (mixed bowl of rice and vegetables) and instant noodle on my return flight. I'm going to eat everything!"

Shortly after uploading the post, DARA shared another note via Instagram Story, saying, "I want to apologize to the cabin crews who took care of me. The reason why I didn't finish the meal wasn't because it didn't taste good, but rather because I was so full. It really was delicious!"
DARAShe explained, "I shouldn't have ordered this much in the first place since I have such a small appetite."

DARA is one of the celebrities known for their extremely small appetite; she once took a solid month to finish a bag of potato chips.

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DARA(Credit= 'ssantokki_xxi' Instagram)

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