Citizens Face Inconvenience Following Kim Saeron's DUI Accident

May 18, 2022

배우 김새론 사고 현장 추정 사진. (사진=온라인 커뮤니티 캡쳐)
Actress Kim Saeron is under criticism after her vehicle crashed into an electrical transformer while she was driving under the influence.

On May 18, it was reported that Kim Saeron is under police investigation for charges of drunk driving.
김새론According to the police, Kim Saeron's vehicle had rammed multiple roadside structures―including an electrical transformer―located at Hakdong intersection, Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.

▶ [SBS Star] Actress Kim Saeron Reportedly Under Police Investigation for DUI Charges

Due to the accident, traffic lights near the area were completely out of service; causing major traffic delays around the intersection.

Local businesses were also affected―as nearby cafes and stores connected to the electrical transformer experienced malfunctions of their credit card machines and POS systems.
김새론 사고 현장 추정 사진 (사진=온라인 커뮤니티)In regard to the accident, Kim Saeron's management agency GOLDMEDALIST stated, "Kim Saeron took a blood test for accurate results, and after the test, she was escorted home by her guardian without additional investigation."

The agency added, "The blood test result will be available in two weeks, and Kim Saeron will faithfully respond to the police's questioning afterward."
배우 김새론 (사진=카카오TV 제공)As Kim Saeron has been busy filming a new Netflix series 'Hunting Dogs', the series' production team also shared a statement.

They stated, "The shooting schedule will be adjusted, and the public schedule will be announced as soon as it is arranged after a thorough discussion."

(Credit= GOLDMEDALIST, Kakao TV, Online Community)

(SBS Star)