Police Receives Kim Saeron's DUI Blood Test Result; Agency Shares Statement

By  유지원 에디터  | Jun 2, 2022

Kim Saeron
It has been reported that actress Kim Saeron's blood alcohol level was high enough for her driving license to be revoked, on the day of her car accident.

On May 31, Gangnam Police Station received the test result of Kim Saeron, and the blood alcohol concentration of the actress was over 0.08%.

0.08% is the level that is high enough for a driver's license to be revoked.
Kim SaeronAfter further investigation, the police plan to send Kim Saeron to the prosecution on charges of drunk driving and fleeing without taking action after the accident.

Then on June 1, Kim Saeron's management agency GOLDMEDALIST issued an official statement regarding the test result.

A representative of GOLDMEDALIST stated, "At the moment, we have not received any information from the police about Kim Saeron's blood test result."

The agency explained, "Once the schedule for investigation is set based on the result, Kim Saeron will faithfully participate in the investigation. We once again share our apology."
김새론 사고 현장 추정 사진 (사진=온라인 커뮤니티)Following the accident, Kim Saeron dropped out from the upcoming SBS drama 'Trolley'.

Rookie actress Chung Su Bin has reportedly received an offer to replace Kim Saeron, and the actress is positively considering it.
Chung Su Bin▶ [SBS Star] Actress Kim Saeron Reportedly Under Police Investigation for DUI Charges

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