Jang Na-ra & Her Husband-to-be Said to Have Fallen in Love While Working on 'VIP' Together

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 3, 2022

Jang Na-ra & Her Husband-to-be Said to Have Fallen in Love While Working on 'VIP' Together
Actress Jang Na-ra and her fiancé said to have met while working on the drama 'VIP' together in 2019. 

Early in the morning of June 3, Jang Na-ra announced that she was getting married. 

She revealed that her fiancé is six years younger than her, who works with a camera, and they had been in a relationship for about two years. 

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VIPFollowing the announcement, it was reported that Jang Na-ra met her husband-to-be when she was shooting 'VIP'. 

'VIP' is SBS' drama that aired from October until December 2019, starring Jang Na-ra and actor Lee Sang Yun. 

According to the report, he was the director of photography for 'VIP' and they fell in love with each other while working together. 
VIPThen, Jang Na-ra's father actor Joo Ho-sung's interview with news outlet YTN Star was also revealed in the afternoon. 

About her announcement, Joo Ho-sung commented, "I'm so delighted. I've seen her boyfriend since when they started going out with one another, as Na-ra had introduced him to me and my wife. He even came to Seong-won(Jang Na-ra's older brother)'s wedding two years ago." 

He continued, "He's got a great personality. He treats his parents well as well. I've met them, and they're two amazing people. His background is no special, but I like him a lot."

He added, "We don't want to make the wedding big, because he isn't a celebrity. We're trying to act thoughtfully of him as much as possible." 
VIPJang Na-ra's wedding is scheduled to take place at the end of this month. 

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