BTS V & Park Hyo-shin Do This Cute Thing Together When Hanging Out?

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2022

BTS V & Park Hyo-shin Do This Cute Thing Together When Hanging Out?
It has just been revealed the cutest thing V of K-pop boy group BTS and singer Park Hyo-shin do together when they hang out. 

On June 15 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', lyricist Kim Eana made a guest appearance.

During the talk, Kim Eana mentioned V giving a memorable gift to fans via her radio show back in February. 

Kim Eana said, "I'm friends with Hyo-shin. One day, he was like, 'Hey, Tae-hyung wants to ask you something. He wants your number, if that's okay with you. It seems like he wants to talk to you about writing lyrics.'" 

She continued, "I didn't know who Tae-hyung was, but the name kind of rang a bell. Then, it occurred to me that V's real name was Tae-hyung. So, I asked Hyo-shin if Tae-hyung he was talking about was V of BTS."
Kim EanaAs he said yes to her question, she explained that she jumped in surprise that V was trying to reach her, "I was completely shocked. I was like, why is he looking for someone like me?" 

It turned out that V was preparing for his solo album at that time, and he wanted some advice as well as assistance from her. So, I ended up giving him a little help with his songs." 

Kim Eana stated that she half-jokingly asked him to send a song request to her radio show when he is listening to it, since he said he was a listener. 

Then, Kim Eana said, "V really did not long later. He asked us to play some a song for his fans, and also sent us a sweet message."

She laughingly added, "But he kept asking for songs that weren't in our database that the production team had somewhat difficult time." 

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Kim EanaFollowing that, Kim Eana mentioned how much music means to V, "When V and Hyo-shin hang out together, you know what they do all the time? They always talk about music. They honestly only talk about music. They're both hardcore music lovers." 

She resumed, "They apparently sing together as well.", then laughed as if she found them cute. 
Kim Eana(Credit= MBC Radio Star 'thv' Instagram) 

(SBS Star)