Nam Joo Hyuk's Agency Responds to 'Sexual Harassment in Group Chat' Accusations

By  유지원 에디터  | Jul 7, 2022

Nam Joo Hyuk
Actor Nam Joo Hyuk's management agency, Management Soop, has responded to the newly-alleged evidence of cyberbullying in a group chat.

On July 6, a third informant C―this time a woman―claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk and his friends cyberbullied her and sexually harassed her during their senior year of high school.
Nam Joo HyukThe informant provided group chat screenshots from May 2012, claiming that she had been forcefully invited into the group chat simply because one of Nam Joo Hyuk's friends disliked her.

She claimed that Nam Joo Hyuk and his friends took turns sending her hateful comments that included sexual harassment, disparaging remarks on her looks, and insults.

Although Nam Joo Hyuk was not the one who created the group chat―a so-called 'Kakaotalk Prison'―but his messages showed that he also insulted the informant C.

The informant revealed that she reported the incident to the school, but Nam Joo Hyuk and his friends only apologized when they were forced to do so by their teachers.
Nam Joo HyukIn regard to the new allegations, Management Soop confirmed that the chatroom messages provided by informant C were real.

However, the agency claimed that the messages were just a fragment of a bigger picture, without necessary contexts provided.

Management Soop stated, "The incident that took place in the Kakaotalk chatroom is very complicated, and it is also an extremely personal matter for the individuals in the group chat."

The agency added, "As mentioned in the news report, the incident was already resolved by the school through apologies from both sides. Therefore, we believe that it is inadequate to publicize the full story at this point in time through the media."
(Credit= Management Soop)

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